Places to visit in Gabala

In this article, you can find the sights to visit in Gabala, one of the tourist regions of Azerbaijan. Places to visit in Gabala.

Places to visit in Gabala

Exploring the Must-See Places in Gabala, One of Azerbaijan's Cultural and Tourism Hubs

Nohur Lake

Nohur Lake, with its majestic Caucasus Mountains, fresh air, and crystal-clear water, is one of the most picturesque spots in Gabala. This lake, with its serene atmosphere and the sound of birds, provides an ideal setting to escape the noise of the city. While swimming is not allowed (the lake also functions as a reservoir supplying drinking water to Gabala and the surrounding areas), it is a perfect place for fishing. You can also enjoy the surrounding scenery by taking a ride on small boats and pedal boats.

Seven Beauties Waterfall

The Seven Beauties Waterfall, one of Gabala’s most famous tourist attractions, is located 6 kilometers from Vandam village and 3 kilometers off the main road towards Puskan settlement. The waterfall, formed by water cascading from different ravines, consists of seven tiers. Only two small waterfalls are visible from below. To view the remaining five, you must climb steep steps, requiring some physical effort. However, those who make this challenging climb are rewarded with a breathtaking panorama. The area also has a restaurant and a tea house. The waterfall is located in a thick forest where sunlight rarely penetrates, making it always dark and cool.

Qafqaz Park (Gabaland)

Qafqaz Park is not only the largest amusement park in Gabala but also in the entire region. Spanning 16 hectares, this massive attraction park features over 40 entertainment facilities, including rides, carousels, artificial lakes with pedal boats, a swimming pool water park, football, basketball, and volleyball courts, and go-karting tracks. There are also complexes for rock climbing, structures for extreme sports, an indoor ice rink, boats that drop from an 8-meter height into the water, and other entertainment options available to visitors. The park attracts about a thousand people daily and can accommodate 800 visitors at a time.

Mucuq Waterfall

To the north of Laza village, on the left bank of the Demiraparan River, lie the terraces and ruins of Mucuq. This ancient village was once settled under a giant rock, but falling stones turned the village into ruins. The difficulty of connecting with nearby settlements led people to abandon the area. 7 kilometers from Laza, to the northeast of the Mucuq ruins, lies a large waterfall. To reach it, it’s recommended to travel on horseback with the help of local guides, as navigating this area on horseback can be challenging for the inexperienced. 

First, you will encounter a small waterfall and then have a long journey ahead to reach the main one. After a three-hour trek, you will see the Mucuq waterfall cascading from a steep cliff 54 meters high, above the village of Durca and at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, 20 kilometers from the district center. The magnificent view at the end of the journey will make you forget all the fatigue. To get close to the waterfall, you will need to traverse a significant distance, hopping over rocks the size of large trucks. At this point, the waterfall disappears behind the rocks. You will then have to crawl through a narrow stone tunnel barely wide enough for one person. Finally, you emerge under the roaring waterfall, its spray cooling the traveler and spreading all around.

Jam Festival

In August, visitors to Gabala can attend the International Jam Festival to taste unique varieties of jams. Last year, the festival featured 3,500 types of jams from 25 countries and 45 cities and regions of Azerbaijan. The event's jury comprises renowned international culinary experts and top chefs from various countries. They select and award the best jams in different categories during the festival's official part. 

In addition to traditional jams made from strawberries, apricots, plums, blackberries, quince, sour cherries, and other fruits, exotic varieties such as jams made from potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, ginger, mint, dandelions, pumpkin seeds, rosemary, beets, and other ingredients can also be found here.