The World's Most Beautiful Bridges

Marvel at engineering marvels: Golden Gate's grandeur, Tower Bridge's elegance, Sydney Harbour's sweep, and Ponte Vecchio's historic charm.

The World's Most Beautiful Bridges

Bridges have not only connected two separate land masses throughout history but also boundaries, different cultures, and civilizations. Which are the most beautiful bridges found both in our country and in different parts of the world?

• Brooklyn Bridge

• Golden Gate Bridge

• Khaju Bridge

• Magdeburg Water Bridge

• Bosphorus Bridge

• Ponte Vecchio

• Sydney Harbour Bridge

• Galata Bridge

• Tower Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Located in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the world's first suspension bridges. Opened in 1883, the bridge was constructed to solve the intense traffic problem between Brooklyn and Manhattan's financial center. Despite the years, the bridge still serves this function. Watching the skyscrapers of Manhattan Island from the shore just below the bridge also promises a unique experience. Be sure to check out our gallery of places to visit in New York, one of America's and the world's most beautiful cities.

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge, located in San Francisco, California, is known as "the world's technology and information hub." It is also recognized as one of the most photographed bridges in the world. The view of the bridge across San Francisco Bay, often shrouded in fog, attracts many photographers from both within the country and abroad. You may also be familiar with this bridge from many movies and TV shows.

Khaju Bridge

The Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran, is especially known for its unique reflection on the water. The bridge is also one of the oldest structures in both the country and the region. Today, it attracts numerous tourists from within the country and abroad.

Magdeburg Water Bridge

This bridge in Germany has a very interesting structure unlike any other; it has water flowing through its center with walkways on either side for pedestrians and boats passing through the middle. Built over the Elbe River, its construction took a full six years.

Bosphorus Bridge

The Asian side of the bridge is located in Beylerbeyi, while its European side is in Ortaköy. Before the bridge was built, vehicular transportation was provided between the two sides of the Bosphorus. Like Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge built later, crossing the bridge spanning two continents can be increasingly difficult due to heavy traffic at all hours of the day, but it still enchants with its unique view. If you want to fly to Istanbul, which harbors beauty in every season, click here.

Ponte Vecchio

This bridge in Florence, Italy, has an interesting structure that you won't see anywhere else. Houses have been built on top of the bridge that connects two banks of a river, and you need to pass by these houses to cross to the other side. Another feature of the bridge is that it is surrounded by colorful buildings like many cities in Italy. This offers a great environment for taking photos both on the bridge itself and around it.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This bridge built in Sydney, Australia, is also one of the world's most famous bridges. You can see Sydney Harbour, Opera House, and other famous structures while crossing over this bridge. The fireworks displays organized on this bridge during New Year's celebrations are just one of many reasons that draw numerous people here every year. You can also check out our gallery of places to visit in Sydney for more worthwhile routes.

Galata Bridge

The beauty of Galata Bridge comes more from the view it offers than its structure. From this bridge, you can see Topkapi Palace, Sarayburnu, Golden Horn, Galata Tower, and other historical structures. Eating fish or mussels at fish restaurants located just below is one of its indispensables.

As you cross over to Eminönü side from Galata Bridge, you can explore historical districts like Gülhane, Sultanahmet, and Beyazıt. When you go up from Karaköy, you can reach Galata, which was the financial center of the city in the past, and Beyoğlu, which has always been one of the most lively and entertaining addresses of the city. It may not even be enough to visit Istanbul for days or even weeks. However, you can discover the main points of the city and things to do in Istanbul in the Istanbul City Guide.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most important symbols of London, the capital of England. It means Tower Bridge. Its name comes from its proximity to the Tower of London. Also, it is a meeting point for special events such as New Year's celebrations in London. One of the most striking features of the bridge, built between the port and the Tower of London, is that it is one of the world's first bridges that can be opened and closed. Taking a photo with the unique view of the bridge is one of the most popular activities to do in London. For when to go to London, which has many historical buildings, parks, and gardens besides Tower Bridge, where to visit in the city, what to eat and drink, London City Guide is waiting for you.